We recently got sent a track from one of the bands that work with African Pulse featuring a young Kenyan artist that is rapidly making a name for himself on the Christian Music scene in Eastern Africa.

Born in 1988 Estone Mukubi grew up in Jericho Lumumba. He desecribes his younger years as tough as his mom struggled to make ends meet, and they moved around a lot to avoid debts. Let’s be honest, Jericho has a reputation for being a rough and tumble part of Kenya, and with its gang culture and massive drug problem, it was only through finding Christ that Estone says he survived those early years.

While still in High School, his career in music began initially as a joke. Estone recalls that at that early age he was caught up by the bright lights and fame that a career in music offered, and he believed that he was able to walk in the footsteps of other famous musicians who went before him and make a name for himself.

It was when he met Othole Mukama and Jackson Obumba of Ndani Ya Nyumba Productions (NYNP) that Estone says he was challenged by the passion and desire that these two young men had to serve God and spread the Gospel. “I quickly became inspired by the spirit of my friends, and realised that regardless if I ever ‘made it’ my place was in the service of the Kingdom” says Estone.

Out of that friendship was born The Eternal MC’s, a young Christian band who used their talent for rapping to minster to the lost for four years. Together the band took a spiritual journey that helped them grow and mature as individuals while also growing in their walk with Christ. The journey took the band through many trials and tribulations and after four years they decided it was time to take a break from touring and Estone was given the chance to concentrate on his solo career.

And so was born MALUDA. “Maluda is a name I chose carefully,” says Estone. “In my journey with Christ I have learned many things, and it is the lessons in love that brought me to where I am today. I have come to realise that there is a clear divide between love and lust, and the truth is that we cannot know love without God, because God is love. This is a powerful message and MALUDA which means Music and Love Under Devine Authority is all about the message of Love and learning about God’s Love.”

Estone began to work on his first single ‘That Money’ and he soon realised that he was being led to write an album inspired by the text in Romans 12 v 1-2. ‘Transformed’ became the central theme of his work, and in writing and recording this album Maluda has worked with some of the biggest names in Christian Music in Kenya.

Recording ‘Penzi la Washee’ with Kamlesha and MC Mhubiri, Estone also credits influences like Lacrae, Triplee, Sho-Baraks, CrossMovement, Flame and Thisl to name a few. Working with NYNP Records and Othole who mastered and mixed the album and Johxo and D.O. of Vijan records who produced the album, Maluda has produced a fine tribute to the mercy and love of God.

Now determined to further his education, Estone is certainly working his magic in musical circles. His decisive mix of heart tugging lyrics and catchy beats ensures that you are left feeling not only challenged by his music, but inspired to find more from life. “My journey is not easy, fame and riches may not be mine, but the peace and love of God is my reward, and if I can show others this beautiful gift and encourage them to forsake the evil of the world, then my service to the Kingdom is complete.”

We encourage you to have a listen to the work, music and ministry of Maluda. I’m sure that just as we have, you’ll find it warmly rewarding.

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Our thanks and appreciation to Estone Mukubi and Maluda


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